You want to know about me hey?” muttered the grey beard “Well pull up a chair and I’ll tell you a bit – mainly my background in the hobby.”

So I started gaming in the late eighties, weaned on a diet of D&D, WFB 2nd and the old GW board games (Kings and Things anyone?)  before cutting my teeth on WFB 3rd, Warhammer 40k (or RT to start) and the GW Fanatic / Specialist games range.  Yes, I was a bit of a GW junkie, but in those days it was really either roleplaying systems or GW.  Oh, and I dabbled in a bit of historical gaming too.

Post university, life & a real job got in the way of hobby time but I maintained a passing interest, picking up the odd rule book now and then, or OOP miniatures from eBay, much to my wife’s displeasure.  Too many games, not enough time (or space)!

Now, I find myself working part time and settled geographically, and able to give over some of my time to rediscovering the hobby.  Probably a bit too much of a game magpie and kickstarter junkie for my own good, with an ever growing collection of systems and unpainted plastic.  I really should try to focus on a few & do them justice; I still don’t have the time for all the gaming I’d wish to do!  However, I do at least have two mini me’s who are reaching an age when I can interest them in Daddy’s games – ready made opponents in training 🙂


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